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Werner KlotzbücherDear Visitor,

welcome to the platform for my consulting activities on research funding and proposal writing. Unfortunately my web provider died unexpectedly - and in consequence I lost my established website. Fortunately I quickly could set up this very similar domain 


Here you note my attempts to set up a new website. Yes, attempts! Because this time I will do it all by myself, using the open source HTML-editor KompoZer.  But, as I already learned: this will take time! There are other tasks I have to attend to - but ever so often I will try to learn and add a bit. Consequently you might sometimes note abrupt changes at late hours of the night - so be assured: the next versions will be much nicer and in time even graphically elaborate!

I used to be a scientific coworker of the Max Planck Society - and as a sideline advised on research funding topics. I was pretty good at this, and thus continued this line after my official retirement. These days I lecture for all kind of organizations in Germany and abroad (e.g. Graduate Schools) and coach scientists to successfully apply for grants by German funding organizations and especially the Marie Curie and ERC programs of the Horizon 2020 programs of the European Commission.

You will find some information about myself and the support I offer for universities, "Fachhochschulen" and independent research institutions in the attached flyer. Best might be to check the topics below or contact me at !

 Thanks for your interest,

                    Werner Klotzbücher

Current topics:

-  Some details about me and my CV
-  A brief explanation of my motivations

-  My portfolio for 
   *   German universities & research institutions  (e.g. Graduate Schools)

   *   German "Fachhochschulen"
   *   Universities & research institutions outside Germany 
   *   Individual counselling for Marie Curie (MSCA) and ERC calls

-  Contact

Planned topics:

-  My portfolio for
   *   Scientists
in industry and commerce interested in Horizon 2020 support

Special links:

MIDE revival:
I used to be a real scientists - and here I soon will present information for my matrix isolation spectroscopy colleagues.

Scientific cooperation with JAPAN:  
a copy of my article on "Hidden Opportunities. A personal view of German-Japanese scientific cooperations" published in the newsletter 04/2014 of the Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis (Düsseldorf) and the updated full version from

Scientific cooperation with RUSSIA:  
since 1986 I was involved in establishing scientific contacts and cooperations between the matrix isolation communities in the "West" and in the (now former) Soviet Union. On my first visits to Moscow, Charkov, St. Petersburg and Nishni Novgorod I was hit hard by the lack of information and communication on both sides. Tempted by a discussion with Academician Oleg Nefedov, both a matrix isolation chemist and a Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences USSR, I wrote an article about my experiences and thoughts - which he arranged to be published in "Nauka". Here you find the Russian version and my initial English text - and after 25 years I fear that not that much has changed...

       PS:  Eine deutsche Version dieser Webseite wird es erst 
              nach Fertigstellung der englischen Version geben!
              Ausnahme: das Angebot für Fachhochschulen in NRW.