Seminar Portfolio - German Research Institutions

Most German universities and non-university research institutions are familiar with the topic of project funding ("Drittmittelförderung") and EU subsidies - though sometimes they are not quite as successful as they hoped for.
With respect to the current research framework program Horizon 2020 the in-house consultants ("EU-Referenten  / Drittmittelbeauftragte") usually are well-trained by information seminars of KoWi and the EU-Bureau of the BMBF - but they lack the „hands-on“ experience that can only be won through e.g. participation as evaluator in the EU selection process, and by independent execution of projects. This is my field of expertise - and my seminars and individual counselling aim at supporting and complementing these colleagues.
In my portfolio I offer a wide variety of actions for different target group which in this very practical form are not available in Germany:

1. For Graduate Schools at German universities and non-university research institutions
    like International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS):

A one or two day seminar on project funding. The one day seminar starts out  with the German system of research organizations, and continues with regional, national and international research funding sources (including foundations, prizes and the industry). Special emphasis is placed on tips for successful applications, particularly in the European funding program Horizon 2020 (viewpoints of applicants, evaluators and the Commission). In the two day seminar successful MSCA and ERC applications are analyzed and a few individual counselling sessions are included.
Group size:       maximal 25 participants
Examples:         Mainz_GradSchool (chemistry), Halle_JapanGS (social sciences)

2. Group leaders and experienced junior scientists at German institutions:

A half-day seminar  on the opportunities offered in the European funding program Horizon 2020 with special emphasis on tips  for successful applications (viewpoint of applicants, evaluators and the Commission; ERC applications; collaborative projects).
Group size:      maximal 20 participants
Example:         Mainz_GroupLeader (natural sciences)

3. Group leaders in medical research

A half-day seminar for clinical researchers interested particularly in ERC  Starting / Consolidator applications. Focus is on the research speciality of the audience. 
Group size:      maximal 15 participants
Example:         Berlin_MedGL  (medical sciences)

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